My #sketchnotes of a book by Marilyn Atkinson- CEO of Erickson Coaching – entitled “Creating Transformational Metaphors.”

One insight from the book is – The purpose of a story is to show people being courageous – this can be someone talking to a stranger, going on a round the world trip, speaking authentically at a meeting, trying something new in a job where people say – ‘it can’t be done.’

Many people feel stuck from time to time, and to get moving involves a small step – it will always seem like a risk to step out of our comfort zone. It requires bravery to step out of our comfort zone. 

Even a little bit more bravery can make for a much more interesting story – for you, and for others. 

Plus, as Simon Sinek points out, people buy why you do what you do, before they buy what you do. 

Making the purpose of your story the story of your purpose can give you insights into your own motivation. 

It might free you from any comfort zone and challenge you to become even more interesting. 

Just a thought….