The most accurate weather forecast is typically tomorrow will be very similar to today.

Many people make New Years resolutions which often don’t work. Instead they serve to make them feel guilty that they haven’t met some lofty standard, or have slipped from their goals.

Why not have a new day resolution. As Bob Dylan said:

Someone who gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what they want to do is a success.

Rather than setting big goals or stretch goals if they dont work for you consider – how can you make today a perfect day between sunrise and sunset. 

Start today and just do that. Earn your rest in the evening by going after what you want (whatever that is), and really giving it your best in everything today, and enjoying the fact that you get to do that.

Raise your own expectations and standards today. 

Resolve to make your today better than your yesterday, every day and you can’t help but enjoy life more. 

If today’s forecast is bright, it is more likely that tomorrow’s forecast will be bright….even in changing seasons.