When the warrior confronts their foe then all things come into focus

In aikido (a martial art) a key principle is to work with whatever your foe brings to the table. Your foe could be a situation at work, at home, with a particular person, with a challenging employee or customer.

These situations being into focus what really matters to you. The aim then is to look for elegant and simple movement to bring the situation forward, by working to balance the opponents approach.

If the situation is hard and rigid maybe a soft approach brings balance and new options. If the situation is fluid and changing, taking an approach to channel the fluidity with structures can help.

Why not look at your situations and consider the people involved and think about the optimal balance that can be achieved?

Do you need to bring structure or fluidity, directness or indirectness etc. What simple and elegant steps could you take the move forward on what matters do you?

Bravery is still required.

#sketchnotes from the Art of Peace by the founder of aikido.