Do you lead a team, or just yourself?  To improve your performance, you might want to consider learning from people who have been successful. Both Alex Ferguson (Manchester United) and Johan Cruyff (Ajax and Barcelona), describe stepping back and observing what is happening as a critical changing point that enabled them to massively improve their performance.

Johan Cruyff described that this could be challenging.  He could have been thought of as lazy, when he sat on a ball and watched the training sessions his teams were doing, but said it was key to making necessary improvements.

Alex Ferguson also experienced the challenge, as it was a balance of giving up control to other coaches, and applying his skills in a different way – but this allowed him to realise:

Observation is critical to management.  The ability to see things is key – or more specifically, the ability to see things you don’t expect to see”

Coming up to a holiday season, or during it is a good time to reflect and ask yourself a question – what are you seeing that you don’t or didn’t expect to see?

(My sketchnotes summarising the article Ferguson’s Formula from the Harvard Business Review are below).

Fergusons Formula.jpg