“Climb like an old man, and descend like a child, or climb like a child and descend like an old man” – old mountaineer saying

David Allen the productivity guru associated with Getting Things Done or GTD talks about perspective and control.

It takes time and effort to give ourselves a new perpective. When we control ourselves and decide to climb to a different perspective, we balance keeping a focus on the very next step of the journey and the summit we are aiming for, and we build our strength on the journey. 

The more we can take time to switch perspectives while still climbing the more likely our success in getting to the summit and building a wider horizon. If we build our stamina with steady and consistent effort it helps us to enjoy the steeper slopes like we do the easier slopes.

From the summit a new perspective is possible and a wider view opens up new destinations.
From coaching people in business – I sometimes see people losing perspective, or burning out from climbing like babies without consistent effort to build their stamina for the steeper slopes.  

Questions about perspective and control are often helpful in these situations. try these.

Are you on the right mountain?

Should you stop climbing?

Are you climbing like the old man or like the baby?

What new perspectives are you working towards?

What is the smallest possible step you can take without failing.

Feeling stuck –  I like this quote  

If you dont like where you are, move, you’re not a tree – Jim Rohn

(Photo of Qingcheng mountain near Chengdu  China)