“If you don’t like how things are, change it, you are not a tree!” – Jim Rohn

The outstanding people I meet, those that I look forward to meeting, have something in common.  In simple terms, they have something to look forward to in the future, and are taking steps to make it happen.  They have the bravery to try something new, to change something, even if it’s small and simple.

“The secret of motivating people is providing them with hope.” John C Maxwell

This includes you.  If you look around you right now, and think to yourself, does today look better than yesterday?  Will tomorrow be better than today? For you, or your team, or your family or whatever your circumstances.

Over the years I’ve often heard comments like, ‘the management should do that’ or ‘someone should do that,’ or ‘this needs to change’ and the simple question is…..

Why not you?

If you don’t see anyone providing hope in your team, department, organization, business, country, hemisphere………

Why not you?


Switching mindset;

From a focus on – ‘this is the way it’s done around here,’ or ‘someone should do something about…..’

to focusing your attention on, ‘I’m going to try and make tomorrow better than today, one small step at a time’ is empowering, and confidence building, and it sends the signal to others, that they can do the same.

You are the only one who can make this type of decision for yourself.  If you think something should or could be done, why not do it, why wait for someone else?

You are your only hope.

(But your hope is infectious)

I am inspired every time I work with people on the program and team for the MSc in Education and Training Management in Dublin City University.

I see people make this decision, to bring some new hope into their environment, to take small steps to something more interesting, and even if the project doesn’t work as planned, what people learn on the way is amazing, and the learners they serve benefit as well.

Thanks to Yvonne Crotty, Margaret Farren, Laura Kilboy and to all the students I work with.  Keep it going.