I love #sketchnotes, as a way to take information, process it, and distill it down into some essential insights.  These are the insights I found interesting from Paul O’Connells book The Battle.  Performance in any sphere takes skills, organization, attitude and knowledge, (a model I call SOAK it up) and very often elite athletes or performers in one sphere, can inform another.  Paul O’Connell definitely has insights that are interesting, and in multiple areas.

  1. Consistency, without good habits (the pathways that lead to it), is just a word (Organization and Attitude)
  2. Show first, then speak – Give it everything you have yourself, then you can ask others the same (Organization and Attitude)
  3. Your big rocks – when you have a bad day go back to your big rocks, your core skills (Skills, Organization, Attitude and Knowledge)
  4. Problem solving for yourself, gives confidence, and ownership.  Where players solve their own problems they become more confident and commit with higher intensity (Skills, Attitude and Knowledge)
  5. Train to match intensity, and always look for perfect processes – these are pathways to consistent performance (Skills, Organization, Attitude and Knowledge)
  6. Win the moment in front of your face – small decisions, consistently made, lead to big results.