What is your unique contribution to life, your family, your career or what ever matters most to you?

I’ve been very lucky to work around the world, from forests in Canada, to central China, with groups ranging from government ministers, to crèche workers, and with masters from executive coaches, to sales superstars, to samurais. What I’m learning I share here, to invite you to think about how you can bring YOUR best performance to whatever you do.

Your unique contribution is original, to you.  Your world needs it.  If you see something that needs to be changed, why not you? If you see an opportunity to make something creative or meaningful, why not you?

Bring all that is you to all that you do

is an expression of my friend Geoff Canavan.

My experience in working with people all over the globe from Shanghai to Sao Paulo, is that everyone has more in the tank.  To be alive, is to have more to give.  What that more to give is, is unique to you – it is original.  Geoff calls this your origin.

Thanks Geoff for your insight.

My original performance?

For me, it is about inviting people to think, and I give it everything I have to create learning, life and business experiences that help people to get in touch with their unique motivation, unlock it, and make their own ‘original’ contribution, and to deliver their own ‘original performance.’

I was introduced to Milton H. Erickson an inspirational character through training as a coach with Erickson college in Vancouver.  Erickson describes the approach as:

There are no two people alike…you try not to fit people to your concept of what they should be…you should try to discover what their concept of themselves happens to be.

Thank you Milton H. Erickson, and Erickson college.

My parents showed me the way too.

My mother as a music teacher loves seeing people develop the gift of music, and bring music to life in their life.  Everyone has their own voice and talent, and can participate in their own way, with enthusiasm and fun, even if they believe they cant sing or play.

My dad helps start up businesses get venture capital, and always looks to understand the unique and interesting contribution of every potential entrepreneur with a project, to help them bring it to life, pragmatically, while keeping their dream alive.

Thank you Mam and Dad.

My teachers in particular Dr. Margaret Farren in Dublin City University showed me that meeting people where they are and asking them – ‘what do you want to learn?’ is the best way to work with people, to find what is really their original contribution, and help them with it.  Margaret’s PHD was on a pedagogy of the unique – meeting people where they are and helping them there.

Thank you Margaret.

I am learning every day with masters of martial arts like Sven Patrick Stecher and Chris Mayer, masters of selling like Robert Mckernan, masters of coaching like Moera Saule as well as many people around the world, and in particular my family closest to home.  Thanks to you all.

Hopefully these posts will help you to think about your own original performance

Many friends have encouraged me to write a book, or a blog, and to share.  Particular thanks to Frank Wall and Patrick Dunne for pushing me regularly to get started, and to Julian Stodd and Cait Power for advice on first steps in blogging.

I’ll keep you posted…….